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The Which House is a nonprofit arts company based in Nashville, TN.
We are a cooperative focused on healing and social practice arts. 
We define fitness as spiritual, physical, and mental health existing in alignment with one's soul. We believe the arts have an integral role to play in achieving o
ur individual and societal fitness goals. 

Our current focus is on our first program: THE ART WELL GROUP, our healing collective that serves privately booked clients at our partner space at TMProductions dance studio in Nashville. We are also available for corporate wellness days as well as public and private events. If you believe everybody from student athletes to artists deserve access to sustainable wellness practices we offer please consider
a tax-deductible donation here and write "Wellness Bucket" in the comments! We, and those we serve, greatly appreciate you! 


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Brandon Johnson
is a certified Thai Massage therapist, stretch therapist, dancer, and choreographer. 

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Schuylar Phoenix
is an aerialist performer and teacher, stretch therapist, dancer, and choreographer. 

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Ariana Hodes 
is a singer-songwriter, Reiki practitioner, theater maker and photographer. 


Is a form of therapeutic touch where you lie in comfortable clothing on mats so your practitioner can move your limbs around to stretch joints and gently massage key areas of the body according to traditional Thai medicinal theory.


Assisted stretching with the help of a skilled practitioner allows you to address targeted areas and ensures you are getting the proper range of motion that your body needs. Your practitioner can assess your range of motion, and help devise a plan to improve your overall wellness.


the Usui System of Natural Healing - is a Japanese Healing Art that addresses the whole person on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels and those that we cannot identify at the present. Practiced with or without light touch depending on comfort level on a massage table while comfortably clothed under a blanket if desired. 

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