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No Mow May at The Which House - Download Your Yard Sign!

By Anne & Ariana

Download PDF • 495KB

**If you want to participate in "No Mow May" feel free to download this printable PDF which fits on any 14x18 yard sign like this one we used.**

Lawns are pretty silly y'all. They're water-using wastelands.

Lawns are more than useless. Less than useless. Sprayed down with chemicals, stripped of essential insects and leaching toxins into our groundwater - our lawns are stolen wilderness.

As renters, we cannot dramatically or permanently change our landscape. We cannot return our yard to food production or fully re-wild it.

While we tenant this mega-corporation's property, the least we can do is help support our endangered pollinator population. Letting these few wildflowers (aka "weeds") bloom during the month of May will help our pollinator populations (and all of the life chains they support) survive.


Once upon a time: This is what the Earth looked like.

Today: Lawns.

They are neutral. They are expected.

(Do we need everything to be "manicured"?)

((What's wrong with a little wild?))

Just because it's expected doesn't mean it's not a choice. Lawns are a choice. By choosing to live where we live, with the lease that we have, we are choosing to participate in the nonsense that is "lawns."

What if biodiversity were a right?

Whose choice is the landscape?

Who gets to be Who?

A future we refuse: The elimination of bees.

So, yeah. We're not going to mow our lawns in May :)

It's a little thing we can do.

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