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Our first program aims to cross-pollinate arts and regenerative farming at the grassroots level. 
We are working to bring covid-compliant events to outdoor spaces that emphasize connection with the land.

Dear Citizen of Planet Earth, 

We are all in this together. We know this to be true. Despite advances in quantum science, and recent revelations from the United States military regarding detected alien activity, this is the only planet we know of that supports life as we understand it in the known universe. 

As citizens of this planet, it is our mutual responsibility to care for it, for each other, for future generations, and not just for human life, but all life. 

Here at The Which House we believe this Earth provides humanity with many gifts, and that we are fully capable of giving back. We believe in cooperation, respect, and love where the planet is concerned. We reject any idea that somehow humanity itself is the cause of our current climate crisis. This is an oversimplified, eco-fascist idea that ignores the tens of thousands of years of human life that did not destroy the planet, not to mention the current experience of frontlines peoples, mostly Indigenous, who have held onto this ancient wisdom despite colonial settler's best attempts to genocide them, and with them their knowledge and understanding, out of existence. 

From this standpoint we aim to harness the powerful force of the arts to shift our cultural understanding of our current systems, and how we are extremely capable of making different choices as a society of thinking, feeling people. 

Our goal with STOKEHOUSE is to increase awareness around our food system, industrial vs. regenerative farming techniques, and how this system could drastically and quickly reduce our overall Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. It doesn't require extensive scientific knowledge to understand, and comes with homegrown (get it?) solutions to empower individuals in their everyday choices, and as advocates to elected officials when it comes to policies that address the climate from an ecojustice perspective. 

Watch this space for updates on projects (some exciting art is in the works as we get this ball rolling), and as a resource hub for information on best farming practices, community gardening and composting, and the people themselves who have their hands in the ground, healing the earth.

As always please be in touch with us if there is anybody you think we should know about, doing valuable work in this field, or any other thoughts reading this has inspired. We aim to start the conversation and your brainpower is invaluable. It's going to take every single one of us to bring ourselves back into balance. 

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