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Tomato Art Quilt
with East Nashville Farmer's Market

Created with the community of the East Nashville Farmer's Market, this art quilt of 35 canvases was displayed as part of the Market's booth at Nashville's annual Tomato Art Fest. We are proud to have been one of only two non-commercial art events that day.

The finished art quilt - the border 20 canvases depict the life cycle of a tomato and the center canvases are all inspired by tomatoes. Some of these started with prompts from us, some were the inspiration of the people who created this with us at the farmer's market.

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Life Cycle of a Tomato - from seed, through growth, producing fruit, being eaten by a mischievous squirrel, and from that squirrel returning as a seed and starting over again.

Tomato Life Cycle Canvases.gif
Tomato Art Quilt
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