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ARIANA HODES is a 2021 graduate of the Arts Management and Entrepreneurship Masters of Arts at The New School. After covid hit New York City, she relocated to New Hampshire, worked and learned on Dimond Hill Farm, and played music with her parents, Peggo and Paul Hodes. A multi-disciplinarian artist, Ariana aims her work at the intersection of art and regenerative farming. It is her belief that if we can get the food system right, we have a decent chance of saving humanity as well as most life on earth. She mourns the species already extinct and maintains hope that we can change course. She believes art has a vital role to play in helping cultures and societies make this shift toward collaboration and care-based systems rooted in the Divine Feminine.

ANNE VEAL is a creator / performer / educator who specializes in improvised and ensemble-devised theatre. She taught improv in NYC from 2016-2020 and performed internationally with Rapid Fire Theatre, Der Andre Teatret, and the Vancouver International Improv Festival. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, she has been more grateful than ever for the life lessons of this art form: being in the moment, riding the waves of chaos + surprise, and not getting stuck in "plans." Her scripted work has been seen in Washington, DC; Prague, CZ; Chicago, IL; Basin, MT; Louisville, KY; and NYC, housed in theatre spaces, haunted mansions, and historic buildings. Anne roots her work and life in the practice of active compassion and studies CCT (Compassion Cultivation Training) with the Compassion Institute. On the autodidactic side of things, she nerds out about cognitive neuroscience, mythic cycles + archetypes, quantum mechanics, and shamanic practices. You can hear Anne perform lots of zany characters on the weekly innovation podcast Live! From Tomorrow

Download Anne's creative resume here.

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